Seasoned industry leaders WH Advisory & Investments LLC (“WHA”) and Real Estate Fiduciary Services (“REFS”) have combined to bring CLIENTS a Proprietary Database and Analytics System (“MULTIFAMILY COMPS”) comprised of line-item financial data on 30,000+ Multifamily Loans and Properties collected monthly from Freddie-Mac Series K Loan Origination and Servicing Files.

We Benchmark client properties

We Analyze Client Properties versus Competitive Properties

We Provide Interactive Reports with Data-Driven Insights and Action-Items

  • Institutional Real Estate Investors
  • Bank and Non-Bank Real Estate Lenders
  • Freddie Mac K-Deal Investors
  • Commercial Real Estate Appraisers
  • Real Estate Research and Advisory Firms
  • 30,000+ Multifamily Loans and Properties
  • Normalized Operating Statements
  • Underwritten and Trailing CAP Rates
  • Loan Origination Terms and Payment Performance
  • Integrated with location-specific US Census data
Comp Sets
  • Line-Item Financial Comparisons between CLIENT Properties versus COMPSET(s)
  • Algorithmically-Generated COMPSET(s) based on Property Attributes and Demographic Factors
  • Client-Defined COMPSETS based on individualized criteria
Predictive Analytics
  • Metro and Sub-Market Statistics and Trends across all data elements
  • Property Revenue, Expense, NOI Forecast Models
  • Loan Prepayment, Delinquency, Default Models
  • Granular data-driven determinants of forward Revenue and NOI Growth