MFC Database

The MFC database is created from origination files and line-item operating statements for over 30,000 loans and 26,000 properties backing Freddie Mac K-Series Multifamily CMBS. In addition to financial data pulled from the Freddie CMBS files, MFC uses US Census data collected from a 1-mile radius of each location to create a customized demographic profile for each property. This data configuration allows MFC to statistically analyze property-level operating performance, line-item expenses, valuation metrics, and predictive relationships across the 30,000+ loan underwritings and over 120,000 observations of year-on-year property-level performance.

Metro Statistics and Trends Reports

Metro Stats and Trends Reports are our company’s simplest product. The reports provide MFC’s interactive on-line Statistics and Trends of Multifamily Property Income, Expenses, Cap Rates, Valuations, and Demographic Line-Items for each of over 200 US Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Metro Reports are purchased with credit card payments using the Statistics Icon on Dashboard.

MPAS Property Reports

MPAS Property Reports are our company’s core product offering which we have provided to multiple repeat customers since 2017. MFC analysts create MPAS Property Reports using Client Property Input Data and our proprietary Multifamily Predictive Analytics System (“MPAS”). Output includes the following data and analytics:
  • Subject Property Input Data and Standard Calculation
  • Demographic Profile and Risk Score
  • Automated Valuation and Operating Performance Forecasts
  • Line-Item Comparison to Comp Sets selected by MFC Algorithms
  • Line-Item Comparison to Un-Masked Comps selected by MFC Analysts
  • Asset Management and Underwriting Action Items

MPAS architecture is designed for big data projects and handles portfolios of any size with no performance degradation. MPAS Reports are priced per property with alternative pricing options and volume discounts. Clients contact us to discuss projects and review our Client Property Input Template.

MPAS Levered Equity Reports

MPAS Levered Equity Reports apply our Automated Valuation and Operating Performance Forecast Models to the Client Input Loan Structure. The report provides an evaluation and forecast of the Levered Equity Value and Capital Needs in Base and Stressed Scenarios. The report calculates Equity Values and Dilution that would likely be required for a new Capital Infusion to correct over-levered Capital Structures. MPAS Levered Equity Reports are ideally suited for acquisition underwriting and management of Freddie Mac Multifamily K-Series Controlling Class Investments. Full analysis of each K-Deal loan and property is pre-calculated and stored on MFC databases. Clients contact us to discuss single asset analyses and larger projects.

Data and Software Licenses

Data and Software Licenses are targeted to Clients with in-house analysis and technology teams. For turnkey usage, we provide authenticated access to the same MPAS tools that internal MFC analysts use for their daily analytics work. For programmatic usage, we provide API access to cloud Databases and Computation Libraries. Pricing depends on the specific Client use case.